Time Use Workshops

The materials contained on this page were developed over the course of multiple years and were all created and presented at ATUS-X workshops or conferences.

Upcoming Workshops

Date Workshop Topic Powerpoint Exercises Data
4.6.2022 Using ATUS 2020 Data to Investigate COVID-19 Influences on Daily Behaviors and Interactions Powerpoint Exercises Data file

Recent Workshops

Date Workshop Topic Exercises Syntax/Data Presentation
March 2021 WFRN Workshop Using the Leave and Job Flexibilities Module exercise syntax data
August 2019 ASA Workshop -- Exercises, Answers & Syntax -- Presentation
April 2019 PAA Workshop -- Excercises & Answers Stata Presentation
March 2019 MPRC Webinar -- Exercise
Stata Presentation
October 2018 IATUR Workshop -- Exercises & Answers Exercise #3
Exercise #4
June 2018 WFRN Workshop -- Exercises -- Presentation

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