ATUS Training Materials

The ATUS is a general-purpose time use survey sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The survey has been conducted annually since 2003. The ATUS-X is a tool designed to make it easy for researchers to create time use variables and extract customized ATUS data files that are ready for analysis.

The materials contained on this page were developed over the course of multiple years and were all created and presented at ATUS-X Workshops or Conferences.

ATUS Topical Training Exercises

These training exercises contain practical and hands-on exercises meant to familarize researchers and students who are new to Time Use data on the how to use ATUS-X and conduct time use research.

Exercise Topic Exercises & Answers Syntax Level of Difficulty
ATUS Exercises
ATUS: Variable Documentation Exercises n/a Easy
Time Use Variables Exercises n/a Easy
ATUS: Using Weights Exercises n/a Medium
Understanding Eldercare Data Exercises -- Medium
Weekday and Weekend Time Diaries Exercises Stata Medium
Time Use Variables and Weekday and Weekend Time Diaries Exercises Stata Medium
Combining Module Data Exercises Stata Medium
Estimates of Time Spent in Physical Activity Exercises -- Medium
Comparison of Stylized and Diary Reports of Meal Preparation among Same-Sex and Different-Sex Couples Exercises Stata Medium
Understanding Affect Data from the Well-Being Module Exercises Stata Medium
Measuring Time with Children Exercises -- Medium
Spouse Characteristics Exercises -- Hard
Estimates of Time Spent Volunteering Using Linked ATUS-CPS Data Exercises -- Hard
MTUS Exercises
MTUS: Variable Documentation Exercises n/a Easy
MTUS: Using Weights Exercises n/a Easy
Cross Country Analysis Exercises -- Medium
AHTUS Exercises
Historical Time Trends Exercises -- Medium

ATUS Data Training Exercises

These data training exercises contain basic exercises to learn how to create extracts, generate variables and use weights in a variety of statistical packages.

Statistical Packages
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Creating Time Use Variables Using Hierarchical Files

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