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Activity coding structure
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Name Label
ACT_PCARE ACT: Personal care
ACT_HHACT ACT: Household activities
ACT_CAREHH ACT: Caring for and helping household members
ACT_CARENHH ACT: Caring for and helping non-household members
ACT_WORK ACT: Working and Work-related Activities
ACT_EDUC ACT: Educational activities
ACT_PURCH ACT: Consumer purchases
ACT_PROFSERV ACT: Professional and personal care services
ACT_HHSERV ACT: Household services
ACT_GOVSERV ACT: Government services and civic obligations
ACT_FOOD ACT: Eat and drinking
ACT_SOCIAL ACT: Socializing, relaxing, and leisure
ACT_SPORTS ACT: Sports, exercise, and recreation
ACT_RELIG ACT: Religious and spiritual activities
ACT_VOL ACT: Volunteer activities
ACT_PHONE ACT: Telephone calls