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Reason for not taking leave: Leave was denied

Codes and Frequencies

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NOLVMODENY reports the reason why the respondent did not take leave off work even though they needed to take off leave in the past month was because their leave was denied.

Respondents who reported needing to take time off work in the past month but did not were given this question (see NOLEAVEMO).

Respondents also reported other reasons for not taking leave when they needed to, such as not able to afford the loss in income (see NOLVMOINC), not able to cover shift (see NOLVMOSHFT), made alternative arrangements (see NOLVMOALT), fear of job loss or other negative consequence (see NOLVMOFEAR), did not have enough leave (see NOLVMOLACK), wanted to save leave (see NOLVMOSAVE), too much work (see NOLVMOWORK) and other (see NOLVMOOTH).

Respondents also reported the reason for why the needed to take leave, but did not, such as own illness/medical care (see NOTKLVMOSELF), illness/medical care of another family (see NOTKLVMOFAM), eldercare (see NOTKLVMOELCARE), childcare (see NOTKLVMOCHCARE), vacation (see NOTKLVMOVAC), errands/personal reasons (see NOTKLVMOPERS), errands or other personal reasons (see NOTKLVMOPERS) or other (see NOTKLVMOOTH).

NOLVMODENY was gathered as part of the Leave Module of the ATUS interview. Analyses that include NOLVMODENY should use LVWT as the weight.


This variable is comparable across years when available.


  • Leave Module respondents who receive paid or unpaid leave and, in the past month, needed to take leave off work but did not


  • 2017-2018