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LVWT is a 15-digit numeric variable providing probability weights for the Leave Module.


LVWT provides weights suitable for estimates based on the Leave Module. Estimates using Leave Module data should be generated using LVWT rather than the ATUS statistical weight (WT06). There are fewer Leave Module respondents than ATUS respondents due to eligibility and minimal nonresponse. Only ATUS respondents who were coded as employed wage and salary workers in the ATUS and completed a 24-hour diary were eligible to participate in the Leave Module. This includes respondents who worked in the last seven days for pay or nonprofit or had at least one full- or part-time job, including one in which they were temporarily absent.

All ATUS weights are probability weights. Users should take care to specify them properly in their statistical packages.


Several different estimation weight variables, constructed using slightly different methodologies, exist for the ATUS. Estimation weights should be chosen based on which samples are included in analyses. LVWT is the appropriate weighting variable for users whose analyses include Leave Module data. For most other applications, WT06 is the preferred weighting variable.

LVWT may be used together with the corresponding set of replicate weights (RLVWT).


  • ATUS Leave Module Respondents.


  • 2011, 2017-2018


This variable has no flags.