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Person weight, 2006 methodology


WT06 is a 16-digit numeric variable reporting the ATUS respondent probability weights. This variable can be used in all years.


WT06 provides ATUS respondent weights based on the weighting methodology introduced in 2006. WT06 is available for all years and is the preferred weighting variable to use for most analyses. It is the only weighting variable that is suitable for use in analyses that combine time use data from 2006 and later with data for earlier years. The methodology used to construct WT06 ensures that the sums of the respondent weights add up to the appropriate number of weekday person-days and weekend person-days over the quarter, both for the population as a whole and for selected subpopulations.

All ATUS weights are probability weights. Users should take care to specify them properly in their statistical packages.

Because the ATUS sample is not a simple random sample, standard errors calculated using the default options in most statistical packages will not be correct. Calculation of correct standard errors requires the use of replicate weights. RWT06 may be used in conjunction with WT06 for this purpose; for further details, see the description of RWT06.


Several different estimation weight variables, constructed using slightly different methodologies, exist for the ATUS. Estimation weights should be chosen based on which samples are included in analyses. For most applications, WT06 is the preferred weighting variable. Weights derived using the 2003 weighting methodology are available only for 2003 and cannot be used in analyses that pool 2003 ATUS data with data for any other year. Users who pool 2003, 2004 and/or 2005 data but do not use data for 2006 or later may use WT04. Users whose analyses include Eating and Health Module data must use EHWT. WT03 and WT04 can be made available to users of the ATUS Data Extract Builder by special request.

Each weight variable may be used together with the corresponding set of replicate weights. RWT06 should be used in conjunction with WT06. RWT03 contains the replicate weights that match WT03; RWT04 contains the replicate weights that match WT04; REHWT contains the replicate weights designed to be used in conjunction with EHWT; RWBWT contains the replicate weights for use with WBWT; and RAWBWT is used with AWBWT. Replicate weights to accompany WT03 and WT04 can be made available to users of the ATUS Data Extract Builder by special request.


  • ATUS respondents.


  • 2003-2019


This variable has no flags.