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Replicate weight, base weight


RBWT is a 12-digit numeric variable.


RBWT contains replicate weights that correspond to BWT. Users who wish to construct their own estimation weights based on BWT also may wish to construct a corresponding set of replicate weights based on RBWT.

RBWT is available for all years. Selecting RBWT adds 160 replicate weights to your data set (variables named RBWT_1 through RBWT_160). Please be aware that including these variables will make your data file quite large. The Census Bureau produced these replicate weights by using what is known as the Successive Difference Replication (SDR) method, which involves repeated implementations of the initial weighting algorithm.


No information available.


  • ATUS respondents and non-respondents.


  • 2003-2016


This variable has no flags.