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Detailed industry classification, other job (CPS)


IND_OJ_CPS8 is a 5-digit numeric variable.
(Industry codes are 4 digits; each is preceded by a zero in the first position.)

2020 forward


IND_OJ_CPS8 reports the type of industry in which the person performed his or her second occupation, if the respondent held multiple jobs. "Industry" refers to the work setting and economic sector, while "occupation" relates to the worker's specific technical function. IND_OJ_CPS8 reports the four-digit Census industry code. More than 250 industries are represented.

Researchers who would like broader industry categories may wish to use IND2_OJ_CPS8, which collapses industry data into fewer, broader categories.

IND_OJ_CPS8 was drawn from the final CPS interview, conducted 2-5 months before the ATUS interview. Industry information for the respondent's main job was also collected at that time; see IND_CPS8 (and IND2_CPS8). Industry information on the respondent's second job was not collected at the time of the ATUS interview, but industry information on the respondent's main job was collected then. See IND (and IND2).


From 2003-2008, industry in CPS follows the 2002 Census Industry classification system. Beginning in the 2009 CPS, industry data were classified using the 2007 Census Industry classification system. Starting January 2014, industry data were classified using the 2012 Census Industry classification system. From 2020 forward, industry data were classified using the 2017 Industry Classification system.


  • CPS Civilians 15+ who held more than one job during the last seven days.


  • 2003-2022