Category Description

2003+: This category captures time spent using government services (police, fire, social services), purchasing government-required licenses or paying fines or fees, fulfilling government-required duties (jury duty, parole meetings, court appearances), and participating in activities that assist or impact government processes (voting, town hall meetings).

Activity Coding Rules

Court-related activities

2003+: Code all as Government Services and Civic Obligations/Civic Obligations and Participation/Civic obligations and participation (100201), including making an appearance in court with an attorney.

Paying for licenses, fees, fines, taxes, permits

2003+: Code under Government Services and Civic Obligations/Using Government Services/Obtaining licenses and paying fines, fees, or taxes (100103). Exception: Code any fees and parking permits related to education under Education/Registration or Administrative Activities/relevant activity (060400).

Security procedures

2003+: If respondent reports undergoing security procedures (such as "passing through the metal detector," "being searched at security checkpoint," "opening bags for security search") related to government services and civic obligations, code as Security Procedures Related to Government Services or Civic Obligations (100400).