Category Description

2003+: Activities coded here refer to the respondent's time spent obtaining, receiving, and/or purchasing professional and personal care services provided by someone else. Professional services include child care, financial, legal, medical and other adult care, real estate, and veterinary. Personal care service activities include massages, haircuts, manicures, and tanning at salons.

Activity Coding Rules

Talking to/meeting with providers of professional or personal care services

2003+: Code as Professional and Personal Care Services under the relevant service (080000). Exception: If talking on the telephone is specified, then code as Telephone Calls (to or from) (160100). If the professional or personal care services were provided to someone other than the respondent, then code in the relevant Caring for and Helping Household Members (030000) or Caring for and Helping Non-household Members (040000) category. (Updated: February 2012).

Having a massage

2003+: Code as Professional and Personal Care Services/Personal Care Services/Using personal care services (080501). Exceptions: If respondent specifically mentions that the massage is for medical purposes (such as for physical therapy), code as Medical and Care Services (080400). If respondent mentions that a family member or friend gave the massage (clearly not an activity respondent paid for), code as Personal Care/Personal Activities/Personal activities, n.e.c. (010499)

Having a pet groomed

2003+: Code as Household Services/Pet Services (not done by self and not veterinary care)/Using pet services (090301), even if grooming is done at a veterinary clinic or a pet hospital.

Driving around to look at houses to buy

2004+: Code as Travel related to using real estate services (180806). (Added: February 2004)

Security procedures

2003+: If respondent reports undergoing security procedures (such as "passing through the metal detector," "being searched at security checkpoint," "opening bags for security search") related to obtaining or paying for professional or personal care services, code as Security Procedures Related to Professional and Personal Services (080800).