Category Description

2003+: All telephone communication is captured here, with the exception of purchases of consumer goods (Consumer Purchases (070000)) and job search- or work-related phone calls (Work and Work-Related Activities (050000)). Checking voicemail for messages (Household Activities (020000)) is not included here.

Activity Coding Rules

General rule: All talking on the telephone is coded here. Exceptions: If there is an M or an O in the WORK column, code as Work and Work-Related Activities/Working/Work, main job or Work, other job (050101 or 050102). If there is a V in the WORK column or "volunteering" in the verbatim, code as Volunteer Activities/Administrative and Support Activities/Telephone calls (except hotline counseling) (150104). If respondent reports interviewing or talking on the phone with prospective employers, code as Work and Work-Related Activities/Job Search and Interviewing/relevant activity (050400).

Talking on the telephone

2003: If the respondent is alone, but reports talking to someone, assume the respondent is talking on the telephone and code under Telephone Calls.

2004+: If the respondent reports talking to someone and does not specify "telephone," but the WHO code = 0, assign a data code Insufficient detail in verbatim (500101). (Updated: February 2004)

2012+: If a respondent reports talking on the phone, but does not specify with whom, assign the activity code 160199 Telephone calls (to or from), n.e.c. (Updated: February 2012).

Text messaging

2006+: Code text messaging the same way you would code telephone calls. (Added November 2005)