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Person weight, 2020 methodology


WT20 is a 15-digit numeric variable reporting the ATUS respondent probability weights.


WT20 provides ATUS respondent weights compatible with the partial-year 2020 data collection. WT20 does not yield annual estimates. It is designed to provide estimates that are representative of the period from January 1 through March 17 and May 10 through December 31. This weight omits the March 18 to May 9 period because 2020 data were not collected on these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This weight is required for analyses that include 2020 data.

All ATUS weights are probability weights. Users should take care to specify them properly in their statistical packages.

Because the ATUS sample is not a simple random sample, standard errors calculated using the default options in most statistical packages will not be correct. Calculation of correct standard errors requires the use of replicate weights. RWT20 may be used in conjunction with WT20 for this purpose; for further details, see the description of RWT20.


Several different estimation weight variables, constructed using slightly different methodologies, exist for the ATUS. Estimation weights should be chosen based on which samples are included in analyses. For most applications, WT06 is the preferred weighting variable. For analyses that include 2020, WT20 should be used.

Each weight variable may be used together with the corresponding set of replicate weights. RWT20 should be used in conjunction with WT20.


  • ATUS respondents.


  • 2019-2020


This variable has no flags.