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Receives paid leave on job: Errands or personal reasons

Codes and Frequencies

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RCVPDPERS reports whether the respondent is able to take paid leave for errands or personal reasons in his or her current job.

Respondents who can take paid leave on their jobs were given this question. See RCVPDLV.

Respondents could also report other ways they are able to take paid leave such as own illness/medical care (see RCVPDSELF), illness/medical care of another family (see RCVPDFAM), eldercare other than for illness (see RCVPDELCARE), vacation (see RCVPDVAC), birth/adoption of a child (see RCVPDCHILD) or for childcare, other than for illness (see RCVPDCHCARE).

RCVPDPERS was gathered as part of the Leave Module of the ATUS interview. Analyses that include RCVPDPERS should use LVWT as the weight.


This variable is comparable across years when available.


  • Leave Module respondents who have paid leave


  • 2011, 2017-2018