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Total number of leave hours taken in the past 7 days

HRSLVWK is a three-digit numeric variable reporting hours of leave.
9997 = Don't know
9998 = Blank
9999 = Not in Universe


HRSLVWK reports the total number of hours leave the respondent took in the past seven days. Respondents can report a minimum of 1 hour of leave and a maximum of 168 hours.

Respondents who worked and also took leave during the past seven days were given this question. See TKLVWK. In 2011, TKLVWKMAIN provides additional information on the main reason for taking leave in the past seven days.

This information was gathered as part of the Leave Module of the ATUS interview. Analyses that include HRSLVWK should use LVWT as the weight.


This variable is comparable across years when available.


  • Leave module respondents who took leave in past seven days


  • 2011, 2017-2018


This variable has no flags.