Category Description

2003+: This category captures the respondent's participation in sports, exercise, and recreational activities. Recreational activities include those that are generally non-competitive in nature, such as pleasure boating, throwing a Frisbee, kite flying, or ballooning, and active, participatory outdoor games or activities, such as horseshoes, croquet, and paintball. The category also captures the respondent's attendance at or observation of these activities or events when done by others. Watching sports, exercise, or recreational activities on television or video (Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure (120000)) is not included in this category.

Activity Coding Rules

Watching a child's sporting event

2003+: Code as Caring for and Helping Household (or Non-Household) Members/Caring for and Helping Household (or Non-Household) Children/Attending household (or non-household) children's events (030110 or 040110).

Watching sports on TV

2003+: Code as Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure/Relaxing and Leisure/Television and movies (not religious) (120303).

Exercising for medical conditions

2003+: If it is clear from the verbatim that physical therapy exercising is done specifically for medical reasons, code as Health-related self-care (010301). If the purpose is not clear, code as Sports, Exercise, and Recreation/Participating in Sports, Exercise, or Recreation/specific sport (130100). For example, code weightlifting exercises as Weightlifting or strength training (130133). (Updated: February 2004)

Taking sports or martial arts lessons

2003+: Code under Sports, Exercise, and Recreation/Participating in Sports, Exercise, or Recreation/specific sport (130100).

Camping activities

2003+: Code activities clearly associated with camping (digging a latrine, starting a campfire, setting up a tent) as Sports, Exercise, and Recreation/Participating in Sports, Exercise, and Recreation/Playing sports, n.e.c. (130199). Exception: Camping as an activity should be coded Data Codes/Unable to Code/Insufficient detail in verbatim (500101) (reports of camping should be broken out by activity during the interview.)

Security procedures

2003+: If respondent reports undergoing security procedures (such as "passing through the metal detector," "being searched at security checkpoint," "opening bags for security search") related to attending or participating in sporting or recreational activities, code as Security Procedures Related to Sports, Exercise, and Recreation (130400).

Horseback riding

2008+: If respondent reports horseback riding, code as Sports, Exercise, and Recreation/Participating in Sports, Exercise, or Recreation/Participating in equestrian sports (130110). (Added: January 2008)

Attending dance performance

2012+: If a respondent reports "watching dance
performance, " code it as Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure/Arts and
Entertainment (other than sports)/Attending performing arts (120401)
unless the verbatim specifies that the dancing was considered a sport or
competition. If that is the case, code it as Sports, Exercise, and
Recreation/Attending Sporting/Recreational Events/Watching dancing
(130209). (See Watching a child’s sporting event if it is a household or non-household child’s dance performance.) (Added: February 2012)

Use of cardiovascular equipment

2016+: If someone reports using cardiovascular equipment to run or job, such as "running on a treadmill" then assign the activity code for Running (130124), and if someone reports "walking on a treadmill" then code it as Walking (130131). If someone reports "spinning" or "riding a stationary bike" then code it as Biking (130104). If the verbatim does not specify how the cardiovascular equipment was being used, e.g., "using the treadmill" then assign the activity code 130128 Using cardiovascular equipment. (Added: March 2016)