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Reason unemployed (CPS)

Codes and Frequencies

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WHYUNEMP_CPS8 specifies why respondents were unemployed--either actively seeking work or on temporary layoff from a job--during the previous week.

Responses for WHYUNEMP_CPS8 distinguish between workers who had lost jobs (due to temporary layoff, involuntary job loss, or ending of a temporary job), those who had quit jobs, those who were re-entering the labor force after an extended absence from the work force, and those who were seeking their first jobs (new entrants).

WHYUNEMP_CPS8 was drawn from the final CPS interview, conducted 2-5 months before the ATUS interview. Reason for unemployment was not updated during the ATUS interview.


This variable is comparable across years.


  • CPS household members aged 15 and over who are unemployed.


  • 2003-2022


This variable has no flags.