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Veteran's most recent period of service

Codes and Frequencies

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VET1 identifies the most recent period of service for individuals who served in the military forces of the United States (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard) in time of war or peace, but who were not in the Armed Forces at the time of the survey.

Individuals were asked if they had ever served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and when that period of service occurred. Information on whether an individual served on active duty is reported by VETSTAT. If an individual was currently a member of the Armed Forces, that information is reported by AFNOW.

An individual could serve during more than one wartime era, but information was coded only for the most recent period of service until 2005. This information is reported by VETLAST. Beginning in August 2005, veterans could report up to four periods of service. VET1 is the first of these variables and is an alternative coding for VETLAST. It is similar to VETLAST, but differs in that it is harmonized with three additional variables that identify earlier periods of military service. These variables are VET2, VET3, and VET4.

VET1 along with other information on military service and veteran status was drawn from the final CPS interview, conducted 2-5 months before the ATUS interview. Veteran status and military service were not updated at the time of the ATUS interview.


VET1 is available beginning in August 2005.


  • CPS household members age 17+ who are not currently serving in the Armed Forces but are veterans.


  • 2005-2023