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Place where majority of groceries purchased

Codes and Frequencies

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STORE indicates for those respondents who usually do the food shopping or who split shopping equally with another household member (FOODSHOP) where they purchase majority of their groceries.

Supercenters are stores that offer clothing, housewares, and other items in addition to featuring full grocery stores. Examples include Wal-Mart Supercenters and Super Targets. Warehouse clubs are stores that sell food and non-food items in bulk. They also require shoppers to have paid memberships. Examples include Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's.

This variable was gathered during the Eating and Health Module. Analyses that include STORE should use EHWT as the weight.


This variable is comparable across years.


  • 2014-2016: Respondents who are the primary grocery shoppers or who equally split the grocery shopping responsibility with other household member(s).
  • 2022: Eating and Health module respondents who indicated their level of enjoyment in grocery shopping for their household (GROSHPENJOY)


  • 2014-2016, 2022


This variable has no flags.