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Time spent during activity on secondary child care of household children


SCC_HH_LN is a 4-digit numeric variable. Values for ATUS respondents range from 0 to 1440 minutes. Members of the dataset who are not ATUS respondents are assigned a value of 99999 = NIU (Not in universe).


SCC_HH_LN reports the number of minutes spent during the associated activity that the respondent reported engaging in secondary childcare of household children under the age of 13.

SCC_HH_LN is the maximum of SCC_OWNHH_LN and SCC_NOWNHH_LN.

Secondary childcare is not recorded if the respondent's main activity is sleeping (0101xx) or directly related to the care of household children (0301xx, 0301xx, 0303xx, 180301, 180302, 180303, or 180304). Secondary childcare of household children is not recorded if all household children are asleep during an activity, but may be recorded for part of an activity if a child wakes up or goes to bed during the activity.

For each respondent, all values of SCC_HH_LN are summed to create SCC_HH.

SCC_HH_LN is available only if you select a hierarchical extract. If you request a hierarchical extract and plan to construct time use variables in your statistics package, this variable may be useful to you. If you request a rectangular extract and plan to construct time use variables through the extract system, SCC_HH_LN will not be included in your extract, as persons are the unit of observation for rectangular extracts rather than activity or who records.


This variable is comparable across years when it is available.


  • All activities.


  • 2004-2022


This variable has no flags.