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Incentive or non-incentive case

Codes and Frequencies

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INCENT indicates whether the person selected to respond to the ATUS was offered an incentive to complete the interview.

The ATUS sample is drawn from households that have completed the CPS. If a phone number for the household was not provided during the CPS interview and an individual from that household was selected to participate in the ATUS, then the selected person was mailed an incentive. The incentive consisted of a $40.00 debit card for which a respondent would be given the PIN number upon the completion of the ATUS interview.


INCENT is available beginning in August 2005. Beginning in 2012, additional cases were identified as incentive expansion cases if a household had a telephone, but the telephone number did not work (e.g. not in service, could not be completed as dialed).


  • ATUS respondents and nonrespondents.


  • 2005-2020, 2022


This variable has no flags.