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Hours worked at main job last week (CPS)

HRSWORK1_CPS8 is a three-digit numeric variable reported in hours.
999 = NIU (Not in Universe)


HRSWORK1_CPS8 reports the number of hours the respondent actually worked at his/her main job last week.

Information on actual hours worked last week was also collected for the respondent's second job (see HRSWORK2_CPS8) and for all jobs combined (see HRSWORKT_CPS8).

Information on usual hours worked was also collected for the respondent's main job (see UHRSWORK1_CPS8), second job (see UHRSWORK2_CPS8) and for total hours worked at all jobs (see UHRSWORKT_CPS8).

HRSWORK1_CPS8 was drawn from the final CPS interview, conducted 2-5 months before the ATUS interview. Information on actual hours worked was not updated at the time of the ATUS interview.


This variable is fully comparable across years.


  • Employed CPS household members who were at work during the previous week.


  • 2003-2022