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Frequency of eldercare provision in last 3 months

Codes and Frequencies

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ECFREQ reports how often the respondent provided eldercare related to aging during the three months prior to the interview.

Eldercare is defined as providing care due to a condition related to aging that is an ongoing ailment or physical or emotional limitation that typically affects older people. Temporary conditions that do not require ongoing care, such as a broken leg, are excluded from the definition of eldercare.

Users may refer to ECNUM for information about the number of recipients for whom the respondent provided care.

Information about the individuals to whom respondents provided care is available through the extract system. Characteristics of care recipients include relationship, age, length of care provided, and an indicator of presence in the household.

Additional information about eldercare is available elsewhere.


This variable is comparable across time.


  • All eldercare providers.


  • 2011-2020


This variable has no flags.