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Weekly earnings (CPS)


EARNWEEK_CPS8 is a 7-digit numeric variable reporting weekly earnings in dollars at 2 decimal places.
99999.98 = Blank
99999.99 = NIU (Not in Universe)

Top codes:

2003+: Usual weekly earning greater than or equal to $2884.61 are assigned a value of $2884.61.


EARNWEEK_CPS8 reports the respondent's usual weekly earnings in dollars.

Weekly earnings are not available for persons who are self-employed. The only earnings information available on the self-employed is household income (FAMINCOME).

Weekly earnings includes the usual overtime pay reported in OTPAY_CPS8.

EARNWEEK_CPS8 was drawn from the final CPS interview, conducted 2-5 months before the ATUS interview. Weekly earnings information was also collected at the time of the ATUS interview for ATUS respondents who changed jobs or employers since the final CPS interview, or whose earnings were allocated in the final CPS interview. EARNWEEK provides updated weekly earnings information, and CPSUPDATE indicates whether CPS earnings were updated in the ATUS interview.


Except for the effects of inflation, this variable is fully comparable across years.


  • Employed CPS household members, excluding those who are self-employed or working without pay.


  • 2003-2022