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COUNTY is a five-digit numeric variable. The first two digits give the FIPS state code; the last three digits give the FIPS county code. If the last three digits of COUNTY are 000, the county is not identified in the data. For a list of counties identified in each state, see the following links for the appropriate codes based on the final CPS interview (YEAR_CPS8 and MONTH_CPS8):

Prior to April, 2004
May, 2004-July, 2005
August, 2005 onward


COUNTY gives the Federal Information Processing (FIPS) state and county codes for the respondent's county of residence. Counties are assigned codes alphabetically within states. COUNTY also identifies areas that are not part of any specific county, such as independent cities.

Geographic data below state level will not be disclosed if certain population thresholds are not met. In general, geographic divisions with fewer than 100,000 people will not be identified. For this reason, there are many unidentified counties.

COUNTY was added to the data by the Census Bureau, not collected from respondents.


COUNTY codes change over time.


  • CPS households.


  • 2003-2023


This variable has no flags.