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Age is a 3 digit numeric variable reporting the person's age in years. This variable ranges from 0 to 85 except for 81 - 84 (see top codes).

996 = Refused to answer
997 = Don't know
999 = NIU (Not in universe)

Top codes:

2003-2004: 80 years.
2005 onward: 85 years. Persons aged 80-84 are assigned a code of 80 and persons age 85+ are assigned a code of 85.


AGE reports the person's age in years as of his/her last birthday.

AGE was collected during the ATUS interview, 2-5 months after the final CPS interview. Age is also available for the final CPS interview (see AGE_CPS8).

AGE is available for respondents who are aged 15 or over.


Apart from differences in topcodes, this variable is fully comparable across years.


  • ATUS respondent household members.


  • 2003-2023